R@JHM Design evolution from 1996 to 2020

Water and Leaves Tea Company logo (Taiwan) and label (USA, 1996)
Water and Leaves Tea Company packaging (Taiwan) 1996
Water and Leaves Tea Company gift packs 1996
Water and Leaves Tea Company design workstation Mac G3 2000
Redesigned Water and Leaves Tea Company packaging 2001

11 years later….

2012 Jack Houng Media in Taiwan
Jack Houng Media Company logo 2013
gama.com.tw 柑仔親子網
Let‘s Learn Everyday Chinese iOS app
R@JHM Design workhorse 2015 MacBook Air

這是我2019年活躍的blogs的表現 Here are the performance of my active blogs from 2019

這是我2019年活躍的blogs的表現 Here are the performance of my active blogs from 2019

2019 is the year that I restarted my business in earnest beyond just photography. I began doing translation work of Chinese classics, got my acts together in terms of understanding how to use kindle in Taiwan, and restarted the key trilogy in a entirely new blog with a lot more resources added to making it an great visual story for the general audience around the world. Below is how you all have responded to this effort and I appreciate all your support. In 2020 I will be posting more stuff as I discover them and have them completed.

2019年是我認真地重新開始不僅僅是攝影的一年。 我開始了從事中國經典著作的翻譯工作,了解如何在台灣使用kindle讀繁體中文Epub,並在一個全新的博客中重新啟動了我的「鑰匙三部曲」,並添加了更多資源,讓它能成世界各地的一般大眾的一個不錯的視覺故事。以下這是大家對這項工作的回應,感謝您的支持。 在2020年,當我完成或發覺更多東西時我會繼續po。

Best Regards, Jack In-Jay Houng 洪英傑

Tainan, Taiwan 台南,台灣



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